Jul 7, 2011

GBPCHF H1 Bullish Bat Pattern - 7 July 2011

7 July 2011

Bullish Bat Pattern On GBPCHF Hourly Chart.

This pattern is validate by 0.382 retracement of XA at B point and 0.618AB at C point. One thing to remember as B point is below 0.50XA this pattern could be a crab if the bat is failed.

The convergence of 0.886XA,2.24BC and 1.618AB=CD at 1.3310 define a PRZ from predominant trend. Demand zone at 1.3260-1.3300 mark all time low for this pair at the moment. I will be update this pattern on my twitter. Hopefully can get nice trade here.
Monthly Bullish Crab

Looking at monthly chart we could see bullish crab is being formed. However this pattern is still far away from complete as PRZ is at 1.1490 area. But it is worth to know how far this pair possibly go in the predominant downtrend. It is amazed to see in this pattern start to formed at 1996 and takes 15 years to complete.


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