Jul 29, 2011

AUDUSD H1 Bullish Bat Pattern - 29 July 2011

29 July 2011

Bullish Bat Pattern On AUDUSD Hourly Chart.

This pattern is validate by 0.50 retracement of XA at B point and 0.886 retracement of AB at C point.

1.618BC @1.0955
0.886XA @1.0948
1.618AB=CD @1.0944

For a summerize,AUDUSD is in the uptrend for quite a long time. This pair just formed a double top of all time high at 1.1075-1.1080.
Convergence of all important fib level at 1.0940-1.0955 will determine if this pair will continues in the predominant uptrend or should reversal is coming.We also have a demand zone at 1.0930-1.0940 just below the PRZ. I will be looking to go long on this pair on the price action testing the PRZ. One thing to remember as B point is below 50% retracement of XA, this pattern could be a Crab pattern if this Bat pattern is fail. However for a Crab pattern PRZ will be more extreme as important fib level will be at 1.618XA which is at 1.0840.

I had enter my long position at 1.0950. Price action struggling challenging PRZ for a few hours. I had been stopout at 1.0915 after PRZ is failed to hold price action from short term downtrend. However sharp reversal could be seen after my stoploss been hit. This is another case of pure friday stoploss hunt for me. I had lost -35 pips in this trade.


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