Oct 11, 2011

CHFJPY H1 Bearish Bat Pattern - 11 Oct 2011

11 Oct 2011

Bearish Bat pattern on CHFJPY hourly chart. This pattern is validate by 38.2% retracement of XA at B point and 88.6% retracement of AB at C point.

- 0.886XA @85.631
- 2.24BC @85.510
- 1.618AB=CD @85.050


Jason said...

Hi, just saw your posting on my blog recently.

As for the software, I am only using MT4 from IBFX Australia and I do all my drawing of the patterns manually as I prefer to scan through them with my eyes.

I have tried a few harmonic pattern search indicators and realised that they were all off after I attended Scott's mentoring programme.

matfx said...


Hope you can update trade idea based off harmonic patterns.

Blogger said...

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